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Triple Laminated Packs


VA Pharma Pack is the noticeable company involved in the manufacture and supply of Triple Laminate for Packaging in India as well as Foreign. These 3 plies are suitable for packing of traditional products like confectionery, tea, consumables, final product specifications are made as per the agreement decided with the customers based on the packing products. Polyester foil and poly lamination from foil is done by dry lamination.



  • Inner layer sealable by heat blades of bag -converting machine
  • Middle layer with superior barrier functions as per product packaging purposes
  • Superior gas barrier properties
  • Light proof finish
  • Moisture proof & vapor isolation properties
  • Bacteria restraint packaging
  • 100% recyclable.
  • High strength.
  • Puncture resistance.
  • Tear resistance.


  • Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs
  • Food
  • Heat sealable wrappers.
  • Inner liner in carton boxes.
  • Packaging of Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Machinery Packaging
  • Defense and Aerospace
  • insulation
  • Chemicals and Dyes
  • Rubber Compounds, Polymer Granules etc.,

Product Description


We are Pioneer,Manufacturer/Supplier,Experienced and not trader

Size :

Small /medium/large/Extra large

Capacity :

Few Gms to few Kgs

Shape :

Three Side Sealed/Four side sealed Bulk pack/Protective Liner For FIBC.

Available in Polyster/Al foil 3,4 layer films.

Moisture Barrier/Sunlight barrier/Air Barrier/High Barrier/Water Vapour barrier/humidity/High performance/Sea/ocean worthy.

Composite Article of plastic/Al Foil/Recyable/Environment friendly.




100% Recyclable


High Strength


Tear Resistance


Puncture Resistance


Bacteria Restraint



Inner Layer Sealable


Moisture Proof


Vapor Isolation



Triple Laminated Packs Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs

Pharmaceuticals and Bulk Drugs


A bulk drug — also called active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a chemical molecule in a pharmaceutical product. These ingredients need extremely careful protection during storage & transit. Any pack leakage & contamination can spoil ingredients & not only affect potency of medicine but also endanger health of human who consume the product made from such content.

In order to maintain Hygiene & safety of the package, the laminate made using Aluminium foil & Special polymers Aluminium barrier foil protects the product from all adverse external influences that may affect its quality and potency, such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination mechanical damage and counterfeiting/ adulteration. Use of special polymer layer takes care of contents & prevents any migration through & from the system. Also offers good bond strength against action of aggressive ingredients.

Triple Laminated Packs Heat Sealable Wrappers

Heat Sealable Wrappers


A heat sealable retortable laminated foil capable of being heat sealed to itself or to a polypropylene substrate. The foil includes: an outer polymeric barrier layer an intermediate barrier layer; an inner polymeric barrier layer; and a heat sealable layer. Packages produced utilizing the laminate are suitable for the autoclave sterilisation and subsequent storage of a contact lens and its attendant saline for a period of time in excess of 2 years. A heat seal are designed for both extrusion and solvent-based to a variety of substrates including paper, foils, and vacuum plastic compounds. Day-to-day objects and appliances – from yogurt lids to soap wrappers ... By adapting the application parameters of pressure and heat in proportion to setting. It can protect people from Food and Pharmaceutical harmness.

Triple Laminated Packs Inner Liner in Carton Boxes

Inner Liner in Carton Boxes


Inner Liner is an important material in laminates and has wide application in food packaging. Its barrier function against the migration of moisture, oxygen and other gases, and volatile aroma as well as against the impact of light is generally higher than any plastic laminate material. Therefore, Inner Liner is used in the laminates when insufficient barrier properties are the limiting factor for shelf-life stability of food. The barrier properties of aluminum-coated plastic laminates, which can offer an alternative to Inner Liner laminates, are somewhat less efficient. The use of Inner Liner in rigid, semirigid and flexible for in-pack thermal allows the selection of package geometries that ensure rapid heating and minimum heat damage during processing. On the tightness of packages, the mechanical stability and quality of sealing is of particular importance. The chemical stability of Inner Liner in contact with food depends on the composition of the food items With present toxicological knowledge, the use of aluminum in packaging is considered to be safe, and inner-coating of the foil is recommended in specific cases

Triple Laminated Packs Machinery Packaging

Machinery Packaging


Triple laminated bags Multilayer Aluminum Foil bags with Food Grade LDPE. Foil in electrical capacitors provides compact storage for electric charges. If the foil surface is treated, the oxide coating works as an insulator. Aluminum foil capacitors are commonly found in electrical equipment, including television sets and computers.

Triple Laminated Packs Defense And Aerospace

Defense And Aerospace


VA PHARMA PACK which controls of the domestic market, is increasing its focus on the defense and aerospace  as it expects these sectors to be more active given the policy changes allowing both demand and consumption of Aluminum in positive territory, the time is now opportune for producers to move beyond their traditional strengths in electrical and building segments and shift gears to the emerging applications offered by the defense and aerospace domains. Aluminum is widely used in making various ammunition parts for missiles and missile batteries, tanks and components used in spaceships and satellites A growing number of emerging applications in both these sectors make Aluminum the metal of choice in the future.

Triple Laminated Packs Food



A popular use of foil is to cover thinner of poultry and meat to prevent overcooking. The USDA also provides recommendations on limited uses of aluminum foil in microwave ovens. As is the case with all metallic items, Aluminum foil reacts to being placed in a microwave oven. This is because of the electromagnetic fields of the microwaves inducing electric currents in the foil and high potentials at the sharp points of the foil sheet; if the potential is sufficiently high, it will cause electric arcing to areas with lower potential, even to the air surrounding the sheet. Modern microwave ovens have been designed to prevent damage to the cavity magnetron tube from microwave energy reflection, and Aluminum packages designed for microwave heating are available.

Triple Laminated Packs Insulation



Aluminum foil is 88 percent reflective and is widely used for thermal insulation heat exchanges and cable liners. Foil-backed building insulation not only reflects heat, aluminum sheet also provides a protective vapor barrier. Aluminum foil is widely used for radiation shield (barrier and reflectivity heat exchangers (heat conduction) and cable liners (barrier and electrical conductivity). Aluminum foil's heat conductive qualities make it a common accessory in hookah smoking: a sheet of perforated Aluminum foil is frequently placed between the coal and the tobacco, allowing the tobacco to be heated without coming into direct contact with the burning coal.

Triple Laminated Packs Packaging Of Pharmaceutical Formulations

Packaging Of Pharmaceutical Formulations


The unrivalled barrier properties of aluminum foil makes it impenetrable to moisture, aromas, oxygen and other gases, as well as micro-organisms and light. Sensitive products are therefore kept in perfect condition for long periods Aluminum foil has numerous properties which make it ideal for the safe, convenient and versatile packaging of pharmaceutical products such as tablets, powders and liquids.

1. Hygienic

Aluminum foil is non-toxic and non-hazardous. It does not harbor or promote bacteria. It can be supplied in a totally sterile condition. Aluminum foil is also suitable for the application of tamper-evident seals and anti-counterfeiting security, such as holograms.

2. Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging has a very positive environmental profile – it saves weight, reduces transport and handling costs and affords complete protection to sensitive pack contents. Advanced separation techniques allow the aluminum foil in domestic waste to be recovered and recycled at a fraction of the original energy cost.

3. Versatility

In the medical and personal care markets, aluminum foil is mainly used in push-through blisters as a high-barrier performance, sealable and breakable membrane. In cold-formed blisters or strip packs (e.g. for suppositories), aluminum’s excellent formability allows us to form the material into highly complex shapes without impairing its barrier integrity.

Triple Laminated Packs Chemicals And Dyes

Chemicals And Dyes


Innovative packaging materials made of environmentally friendly biodegradable polymers (polylactide and polyhydroxybutyrate) with the addition of natural colorants commonly used in the food industry. Colorants fulfilled the role of indicator, changing colour under the influence of external factors, and gave the materials the characteristics of intelligent packaging, where colour changes indicated the life time of the materials. It gives the mechanical and thermal properties of the materials obtained, and describes changes in the colour of the samples under the influence of thermo oxidation, UV and weathering as well as the biodegradability the materials. The packaging materials presented are in line with current trends in the packaging market and legal requirements. The samples, in addition to the basic functions of packaging materials, are pro-ecological and fully biodegradable new generation materials.

Triple Laminated Packs Rubber Compounds And Polymer Granules

Rubber Compounds And Polymer Granules


Coextrusion can be used to manufacture bags or film having two or more layers where only the inside layer is heavily loaded with antiblock additives and the outside layer contains only a minimal amount of antiblock additives with both layers containing slip agents. The use of 1,2-SBD serves to eliminate the problems of incompatibility and disposal encountered in the prior art and provides film and bags having superior puncture and tear resistance when compared to a conventional material such as polyethylene